Shipping outside the territory of Poland:

Delivery of ordered goods, depending on your choice, can be done through the UPS shipping company:

  • Parcel currier - Prepayment via PayPal.

Foreign shipping is carried out via the UPS shipping company.

List of countries:

Country codeCountryPriceDelivery time
AUAustralia70 1-2 days
ATAustria10 2-3 days
BEBelgium10 €2-3 days
BGBulgaria10 €5-7 days
HRCroatia10 €4-6 days
CZCzech Republic10 2-3 days
DKDenmark10 2-3 days
EEEstonia10 2-4 days
FIFinland10 €4-6 days
FRFrancja10 2-4 days
GRGreece20 5-7 days
ESSpain20 4-6 days
NLHolland10 2-3 days
IEIreland10 4-6 days
ISIceland60 2-3 days
CACanada50 2-3 days
LTLithuania10 4-6 days
LULuksembourg10 2-3 days
LVLatvia10 2-4 days
DEGermany10 1-2 days
NONorway20 5-7 days
PTPortugal10 4-6 days
REReunion80 1-2 days
RORomania20 €4-6 days
SKSłowacja40 2-4 days
SLSlovenia10 2-4 days
CHSwitzerland15 2-4 days
SESweden10 2-3 days
USUSA55 2-3 days
HUHungary10 2-4 days
GBGreat Britain20 2-4 days
ITItaly10 2-4 days

Shipping costs on the territory of Poland:

The delivery of your goods, depending on your choice, may be done through:

  • DHL parcel currier – 11 zlotys (on the territory of Poland) - prepayment via BlueMedia.

  • DHL parcel currier cash on delivery – 13 zlotys (on the territory of Poland)

1. Shipping cost for each of the aforementioned options is constant regardless of the size and weight of the package.

2. The shipping cost are covered by buyer.

3. Shipment on the territory of Poland is carried out through the DHL Poland shipping company.


Shipping on the territory of Poland:

1. The total delivery time, taking into account the shipping and delivery to the customer, is between 2 to 4 days. Status of delivery can be followed via e-mail address provided during registration.

2. The courier delivering the parcel may contact you by phone to determine a suitable date of delivery.

3. Detailed terms of delivery can be found at


Execution of the order:

Shipment will be made within 4 days from the time your deposit was booked in the account, and if you choose cash on delivery option (only on the territory of Poland), from the date of placing the order.

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