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1. Can I place an order without registration (as a guest)?
You can place an order in the Semilac online store as a guest (without logging in). We encourage you however to log in so you can check the order history, manage your account, track parcels or add multiple shipping addresses. This last option allows you to shorten the proces of ordering.
2. Can I place an order through the customer service helpline?
Currently it is not possible to place orders via the customer service line. Orders can be placed in a simple and convenient way at www.semilac.pl.
3. How can I make sure that my order has been accepted for execution?
According to the terms of use, the order will be accepted for execution when:

a) if the option "cash on delivery" has been chosen, the shipment takes place immediately after placing the order. The customer receives a confirmation on the e-mail address that was indicated when placing the order,
b) placing an order with the option of "prepayment on account" - the order is processed after confirmation of payment by an external service provider (Blue-Media or PayPal). The customer receives an e-mail confirming the payment has been made and accepting the order for execution.
4. Can I cancel my order?
Orders can be cancelled. For this purpose please contact the customer service department by phone: +48 61 306 70 30 or e-mail: sklep@semilac.eu. The order may be cancelled at any stage of its implementation. Refunds for orders with a pre-payment option last for up to 14 business days.
5. Can I change products in my order after submitting it?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to make changes in the order after submitting it on the www.semilac.pl website. However, we would like to remind you that you have as much as 30 days to return the products without any visible signs of use (counting from the date of delivery to the indicated address). If you want to order additional products, you can cancel your previous order (by sending an e-mail to sklep@semilac.eu) and submit a new one.
6. Can I change the delivery address after placing the order?
Until the package is shipped (which is confirmed by e-mail sent just after the waybill is created) the change of the delivery address can be made by contacting customer service - by phone: +48 61 306 70 30 or e-mail: sklep@semilac.eu.

After sending the parcel, the change of address can be made by:

a) customer service department at the client's request - contact via the DHL Contact Center,
b) the client himself. After sending the parcel, the customer receives an SMS with an individual PIN code. It allows to make a one-time change of address, without additional costs within a given DHL delivery branch.
7. Can I pick up the goods at the Semilac stationary store?
It is not possible to collect orders placed on the www.semilac.pl website in Semilac stationary stores, but you can request to send them to any Żabka or Freshmarket shop (throughout Poland only). We would like to remind you that Semilac products can be purchased directly at the Semilac Academies (in Poznań, Warsaw, Szczecin and Kielce) or at distribution points .
8. Are purchases made in the Semilac online store additionally rewarded?
In the Semilac online store the special bonuses are added to purchases of our clients. Their selection depends on the amount of purchase. A full list of special giveaways is available at semilac.pl
9. Can I check the status of the order? If so, where?
You can check the status of the order on the website after logging in or contacting the customer service department - by phone: +48 61 306 70 30 or e-mail: sklep@semilac.eu.
10. Is it possible to arrange a delivery for a specific time?
After the parcel is taken by DHL courier, the customer receives an information about the expected time frame of its delivery. In order to change the time of delivery, please contact the company responsible for delivering the package directly.


1. Can I make a bank transfer to pay for my order?
The Semilac online store does not accept payments by transfer to the company account. To make the payment, the special systems are used: Blue-Media (for payments in PLN) and Pay-Pal (payments in EUR), where you will be automatically redirected.
2. What are the payment methods for the purchased goods?
There are two forms of payment in Semilac online store. If the shipment takes place in Poland (using the PL website) it is:

a) payment on delivery,
b) prepayment to the bank account via Blue-Media.

In case of foreign shipment (using the EN website) it’s a payment via Pay-Pal.
3. In which currency can I make the payment?
On www.semilac.pl the payment is made in PLN and on www.semilac.eu in EUR.
4. What should I do if I chose an on-line payment and did not make it?
An order that has not been paid will not be submitted for execution. We do not have the option to reactivate payments. We encourage you to place a new order.


1. When I will receive the refund for the returned items?
You will receive the refund within 14 business days.
2. Can I return products purchased online at the stationary shop and vice versa?
Products purchased from distributors are exchanged for goods free from defects only at the point where they were purchased. Returns from shopping at the stationary store will not be considered by the complaint department of the Semilac online store.

The return of goods ordered at www.semilac.pl can only take place via the online shop's complaint department - it will not be accepted by any of the stationary stores.

Information about returns and complaints can be found on the official Semilac website.


1. What to do if the package I received is damaged?
We make effort to ensure that the products ordered at www.semilac.pl are properly protected before sending. However if any damage occurs in transit, you can make a complaint or return a damaged product.

Detailed information can be found at complaints section.
2. What is the warranty period for all Semilac products?
All lamps available in the Semilac offer are covered by a two-year warranty. The guarantee for the UV Hybrids is also 2 years, however after the first opening of the product, this period is 1 year. The guarantee for all Semilac nail powders is 6 years. Liquids from the Semilac offer are covered by a 3-year warranty. After opening the product, this period is 2 years. The guarantee for the classic nail polishes, gels, oils, preparations and conditioners is 2 years, while from the moment of opening - 1 year.
3. Where I can make a complaint for the purchased product?
The complaint for the purchased goods should be made at the place of purchase.


1. Are the prices of the products at your distributors the same as in the online store?
The prices listed on www.semilac.pl are recommended prices - they may differ from those in stationary or other online stores.
2. Why the colors of the products shown on the website differs from those in reality?
We make effort to ensure that each color presented on our website is a true reflection of the one in the bottles. A perfect reflection however is not always possible – at least because of different settings of monitor brightness.
3. What does the transparent and semi-transparent color mean?
The transparent color is a shade that reveals the color under it. The semi-transparent color is a partially translucent shade that allows you to create unobvious and sophisticated styles (for example, french manicure or manitulle, rich in tempting transparency).
4. Why do the UV Hybrids change color?
Colors can change their hue when they are exposed to the UV rays for a long time (too long in the sun). For this reason we recommend to keep your UV Hybrids away from sun, UV lamp and not on the windowsill.
5. Is Semilac compatible with other brands’ products?
Semilac guarantees the highest quality of products, which is confirmed by numerous awards and certificates. We do not recommend using our products with products from other companies.
6. For how many applications will a bottle of Semilac UV Hybrid last?
One bottle of Semilac UV Hybrid (7 ml) will last for about 10 applications.
7. Can I apply the classic nail polish on the Semilac base for UV Hybrids?
A professional Semilac base for UV Hybrids is dedicated to hybrid manicure. For this reason we do not recommend applying varnishes other than hybrids. In our offer we have also special conditioners that can be a perfect base for classic nail polishes.


1. Where are the Semilac UV Hybrids manufactured?
Semilac is a Polish company whose production department is located in Komorniki near Poznan, Poland. We manufacture all our product there, including, among others, UV Hybrids, gels and preparations.
2. What does the certificates, such as Safety Report, Dermatest and ISO, held by Semilac testify?
The Safety Report confirms that the product has been legally put into sale after undergoing a thorough security analysis. The main document regulating this issue is the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union.

Dermatest guarantees the verifiability of the control methods and safety used. It proves that the quality of the product has been checked and confirmed by an independent inspection body.

The ISO 22716: 2007 certificate guarantees that our company meets the requirements for the production, confection, storage and shipping of UV hybrids, liquids, gels, oils and nail conditioners.
3. Are Semilac products tested on animals?
Ethical issues are very important for us, that’s why we do not test our cosmetics on animals.
4. Can Semilac products be used during pregnancy?
Pregnancy does not exclude the use of hybrid manicure, however if you are pregnant and the time of the delivery is approaching, we recommend you to remove the UV hybrid because you can be asked for it in the hospital (the change of nail color alerts the doctors about the patient’s health).

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