Semilac SPA Set For Men

Semilac SPA Set For Men
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Semilac SPA for MEN is the first such comprehensive line for the regeneration and care of nails created for men.

The set consists of five preparations, each of which is characterized by different, revolutionary properties - from whitening the plate to detoxifying, nourishing and strengthening the male plate. These are products for which men who have been afraid of beauty treatments will also be happy.

Nails after applying Semilac SPA for MEN treatment look very natural.


Semilac SPA For Men Nail Whitening 752 - brightening preparation for men's nails, which effectively neutralizes any discoloration - will help eliminate the yellowing problem and make the plate pleasantly satin. In addition, it will make your nails look healthy and nourished.

Semilac Spa Medina Ritual 753 - water based varnish, called pure "bio-energy for nails. Formula enriched with nutritional extracts - lemon extract and malachite extract, which is a source of copper. Medina Ritual brightens and supports the processes of plate reconstruction.

Semilac SPA For Men Nail Strengthener 751 - strong conditioner for male nails, which will help eliminate their fragility, fragility and split ends.

Semilac SPA For Men Nail Hardener 750 - a strong hardener for delicate, weak and brittle male nails. 

Semilac Spa Roma Affection 754 - Preparation rich in ingredients that regenerate and moisturize - vitamin E, JOJOBA oil and Japanese cherry blossom extract. It is a product that will support comprehensive regeneration, providing a thin, soft and brittle nails with a healthy and moisturized look.

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Semilac SPA Set For Men

Semilac SPA Set For Men
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