Semilac Effective Set 9W LED

Semilac Effective Set 9W LED
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A set intended for users who start their adventure with hybrid manicure. Equipped with a modern 9W LED lamp, it is an ideal choice for people who want to make hybrid designs in the comfort of their own home.
The lamp allows for hardening of all Semilac hybrid varnishes.
The set contains all the elements needed to perform and remove the hybrid manicure and as many as 5 Semilac Mini bottles - each with a different color of hybrid varnish. Thanks to such a solution, at the very beginning you will gain access to a diverse range of colors and you will quickly appreciate the wide possibilities associated with it!

The Semilac starter set is a perfect gift. It's elegant, exclusive and always hit!

Give him and enjoy the joy that you give to a woman close to you!


Set contains:

  •   Semilac Base 7ml,
  •   Semilac Mini 3 ml (022 Mint, 130 Sleeping Beauty, 032 Biscuit, 068 Delicate Red, 079 Dark Green),
  •   Semilac Top 7ml,
  •   Cotton swabs 250 pcs,
  •   Semilac Acetone 50 ml,
  •   Semilac Nail Cleaner 50 ml,
  •   Semilac Striper,
  •   2 wooden files,
  •   polishing block,
  •   Semilac UV LED 9W lamp.

The lamp power indicator informs about the total rated power of LEDs emitting UV radiation.

Manual UV LED 9W lamp

Starter kit for nails? Bet on Semilac!

Do you want to buy a starter kit for your nails? Semilac is recommended to you! For years, we have been proposing nail stylization products that meet the needs of consumers in a comprehensive way! Our nail starter kit is all you need to create a hybrid manicure that will catch your eye and enjoy you for weeks! Try it and see for yourself!

Hybrid set? Semilac provides everything!

Are you wondering what the hybrid set contains? Semilac tells you - everything you need to create a durable manicure from the front pages of newspapers! This is a proposition of stellar stylization that you will do with a light hand! Hybrid Kit Semilac Effective LED 9W is an ideal option for women starting their adventure with hybrid manicure. The lamp allows for hardening of all hybrid varnishes and UV gels by Semilac. What else will you find here?

Starter kit for hybrid manicure is also a set to remove hybrid manicure! So that you could say goodbye to the old stylization with fabulous ease. In addition, the Semilac Effective LED 9W nail set is 5 bottles Semilac Mini - with the most popular colors of Semilac hybrid coatings! Thanks to them, you will create colorful stylizations that will emphasize your unique look!

Nail set Semilac - do not forget about the base!

Literally and figuratively! The Semilac nail kit also contains the best nail base for Semilac Base, Semilac Top, non-dusting swabs, Semilac Acetone, Semilac Nail Cleaner, Semilac Striper, two wooden nail files and a polishing block! As you can see - Semilac nail set is tailor made!

When you buy the Semilac kit, you gain:

a complete set to create a hybrid stylization
the only hybrid varnishes tested dermatologically on the market
a guarantee of beautiful and shiny nails up to 21 days
24 months warranty for a lamp to perform a manicure
30 days to return the set - if you change your mind

Do you value the highest quality products? Choose Semilac!

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Semilac Effective Set 9W LED

Semilac Effective Set 9W LED
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