Semilac Set Compact 6W Led Lamp

Semilac Set Compact 6W Led Lamp
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A full-fledged starter kit for making and removing Semilac hybrid manicure.

Includes Semilac LED 6 W lamp and 9 products necessary to perform a manicure.

The set includes:

  • Semilac LED 6W lamp,
  • Semilac® BASE - 3 ml,
  • Semilac® TOP - 3 ml,
  • Semilac® color No. 033 - 3 ml,
  • Semilac® color No. 034 - 3 ml,
  • Semilac® color no. 146 - 3 ml,
  • Semilac® Nail Cleaner - 50 ml,
  • Semilac® Acetone - 50 ml,
  • Semilac® Striper,
  • nailfile.

Manual UV LED 6 W lamp


Semilac starter kit - for a hybrid manicure!

The Semilac starter kit is your best choice if you're just starting out with a hybrid manicure adventure! Semilac guarantees the highest quality products that have been enclosed in one box with professional tools for creating unique stylizations. The Semilac starter kit is all you need to create a dream hybrid manicure from the front pages of newspapers. Check how easy it is!

Hybrid Kit - Semilac guarantees the highest quality and complete satisfaction!

Hybrid set? Semilac is your hit! If you are just starting your adventure with a hybrid manicure - start with the best! What will you need? Starter kit Semilac! Here you will find everything that is necessary for your hybrid styling to be perfectly done! Thanks to this you do not have to think about what to choose! It's better to use this time to create a sophisticated manicure!

Semilac Compact starter kit LED 6W lamp is a handy and professional hybrid manicure lamp that will capture your sophisticated and colorful work. In addition, the Semilac hybrid kit is also the most popular Semilac colors in a 3 ml bottle. Hybrid Semilac starter kit also includes Semilac Base, Semilac Top, Semilac Remover, Semilac Nail Cleaner, Semilac Striper and nail file. With this hybrid nail kit you can paint something extra!

When you buy the Semilac kit, you gain:

  •  a complete set to create a hybrid stylization
  •  the only hybrid varnishes tested dermatologically on the market
  •  a guarantee of beautiful and shiny nails up to 21 days
  •  24 months warranty for a lamp to perform a manicure
  •  30 days to return the set - if you change your mind

Do you value the highest quality products? Choose Semilac!

45 sek., 60 sek.
50000 godzin
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Semilac Set Compact 6W Led Lamp

Semilac Set Compact 6W Led Lamp
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