Semilac Care Set

Semilac Care Set
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SEMILAC SPA ROMA Affection (RED) – 7 ml
The product provides comprehensive regeneration for nails and cuticles. Daily use of this unique blend will smooth and soften skins and perfectly moisturize the nails. Wellness product designed for regular care, rich in moisturizing and regenerating ingredients - vitamin E, jojoba oil and flower extract of Japanese cherry. Especially recommended for thin, soft and brittle nails.

Application: Three-phase oil can also be used after a classic and hybrid manicure (application after drying). This product is free from parabens.

The filler of lines and wrinkles perfectly smooth surface of the plate and protect it from drying out. As a result, the nails look younger and healthier. The strength of the product comes from nature - argan oil, extract of white tea and vitamin E.
Muscat Temptation is ideal for self-use directly on the nail plate, for a flawless look. You can also use it as a base for a classic manicure. It should not be used on hybrid or classic manicure.

Application: Milky shade creates a natural shine. For best results, we recommend regular use. This product is free from parabens, formaldehyde, acetone and silicone.

The gel formula based on water, specially designed to nurture and peeling rough or dry cuticles. Nice texture with natural exfoliating particles helps to gently remove the skin and dead cells.
The combination of green tea and lemon extracts provide protection against free radicals. Jojoba oil nourishes and regenerates. Additionally, Shiraz Dunes detoxifies and brightens nails and their surroundings, making them attractive and healthy appearance.

Application: It should not be used on hybrid or classic manicure. This product is free from parabens.

Revitalizing concentrate for day and night, created on the water base. Mask for nails, which contains a selected blend of plant extracts - carrot, cucumber and parsley, it is regenerating and nourishing. Enriched with vitamins, the product perfectly strengthens weak and brittle nails, giving them a complex biological renewal.
The unique wash-off formula does not require the cleaner. The product retains its effectiveness and activity for a long time.

Application: Marrakech Inspiration should not be used on hybrid or classic manicure. The preparation is intended to be applied directly to the nail plate. This product is free from parabens.

General: Detoxifying lacquer based on water, called clean "bio-energy” for nails! The formula enriched with nourishing extracts – lemon extract and extract of malachite, stimulates formation of elastin, collagen and keratin. At the same time detoxifying, whitens and revitalizes the plate.
In addition, Medina Ritual is rich in copper, which inhibits the formation of free radicals. The product leaves shiny and perfectly transparent finish.

Application: Apply directly on the plate. Do not apply to hybrid or classic manicure. This product is free from parabens.

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Semilac Care Set

Semilac Care Set
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