Semilac Professional Set LED Lamp 36W

A professional starter kit for making and removing Semilac hybrid manicure. It contains Semilac LED 36 W lamp and 12 products necessary to make a manicure.

The Semilac starter set is a perfect gift. It's elegant, exclusive and always hit!

Give him and enjoy the joy that you give to a woman close to you!

The set includes:

  •    Semilac LED 36 W lamp,
  •    Semilac® BASE - 7 ml,
  •    Semilac® TOP - 7 ml,
  •    Semilac® color No. 034 - 7 ml,
  •    Semilac® color no. 134 - 7 ml,
  •    Semilac® color 135 - 7 ml,
  •    Pure Clean Nail degreaser - 50 ml,
  •    Semilac® Acetone - 50 ml,
  •    non-dusting cotton swabs - 250 items,
  •    Semilac® Striper,
  •    polishing block,
  •    nail files - 2 items

Manual UV LED 36 W lamp

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Semilac starter kit - when you're a professional!

The Semilac Professional starter set was created by professionals for professionals! This hybrid starter kit will allow you to create a beautiful stylization that will stay on your nails (or your clients) for long weeks. Without losing the shine, color and shine. No scratches or splinters! If the starter kit - Semilac is your best choice!

Semilac nails starter kit - start with us!

Semilac nails starter set was created for those for whom manicure is more than just painted nails. This professional hybrid set Semilac is dedicated to people professionally associated with the world of Nail Art. The highest quality of the proposed products and the comprehensive nature of the offer will certainly not escape their attention!

Starter kit for hybrid manicure with LED 36W lamp is a convenience, comfort and speed of action. In addition, you will find other nail styling products without which no stylist will work! Our starter kit for hybrids is also the top colors of Semilac! The hybrid kit also has the best nail base for Semilac Base and Top. And for this you can download the hybrid kit and all the other products necessary to transfer your colorful vision to the nails!

Semilac starter kit - to live with color!

It is not known today that the appropriate manicure complements the styling. If you want to look always fashionable and professional - you will need a Semilac starter kit. Thanks to it, you'll create sophisticated nail art that will last for weeks. No loss of color and spatter. Dream? No - Semilac!

When you buy the Semilac kit, you gain:

  •   a complete set to create a hybrid stylization
  •   the only hybrid varnishes tested dermatologically on the market
  •   a guarantee of beautiful and shiny nails up to 21 days
  •   24 months warranty for a lamp to perform a manicure
  •   30 days to return the set - if you change your mind

Do you value the highest quality products? Choose Semilac!

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30 000 hours
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