trend zimowy
The color trend

Purple moves us to the world of dignity, symbolizes power and individuality. A one-color manicure made on the basis of color 146 Semilac Purple King is more than a fashionable styling. It's a manifesto - I can afford more, I want more and I can do more!

Nails for the winter

The softness of white and the depth of black it’s are an elegant combination convenient for every occasion. It is also suitable for making an original manicure for winter and carnival season.

Nails for Christmas
Ice style

It’s both one-color manicure in white and stylings with white patterns referring to winter. Use Cat Eye effect for intriguing background.

Christmas nails 2018
glitter ombre

One of the most popular nail decorations this time is dressed in bold colors and outstanding shine. It’s a gentle transition between the jewellery colors that you can obtain easily using a dedicated brush from our portfolio.

Winter nails
mat & glow

Bet on bold contrasts and play with the form. Mat & Glow it’s an interesting combination of mat surface and shine creating unusual effects when set together. Their intensity and character can be adapter to the circumstances and your temperament.