UV Hybrids

UV Hybrids

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What is UV hybrid polish?

Hybrid nail polishes are more and more popular and chosen by many women. This is not surprising as they are extremely durable (a well done hybrid manicure decorates nails for up to 3 weeks), scratch resistant and don’t chip off. There is also a lot of colors to choose from (in the Semilac palette you can find almost 300 shades). UV hybrid polishes should be applied in the same way as the classic ones, the only difference is that they need to be cured in the UV or LED lamp.

Semilac hybrid polishes – a solution for all of us!

Choosing a right UV hybrid polish is the key to success. Luckily, in our portfolio you will find the polishes for every occasion. In a constantly growing Semilac offer there are as many as 15 different collections and 300 of the most fashionable colors of UV hybrids!

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