T23 Semilac Flower Flakes UV Gel Polish Matt Top Coat 7 ml

T23 Top Flower Flakes

Our Flower Flakes matt top coat is a simple way to add some variation to your favourite manicure. We have combined our trusted No Wipe formula with shimmering, tiny flakes in a beautiful combination of lilac-pink and fine emerald-silver for a beautiful matte finish to your manicure for up to 21 days. It looks beautiful with all nude and pastel shades. This top coat does not have a dispersion layer, so you do not have to wipe it with the Nail Cleaner. Shake the product before every use.

  • A simple and quick way to decorate manicure in your favourite colour
  • Subtle flakes in a fine combination of lilac-pink and emerald-silver
  • Matt finish with a holo effect
  • No dispersion layer – does not require wiping.


COVERAGE: Clear – matt top coat

EFFECT: Lilac-pink and emerald-silver flakes



Mix the product before use by rolling it in your hands (do not shake). Apply the top coat over a cured layer of any colour and then cure it under the lamp. To achieve a more intense shiny effect, apply another layer of the top coat. Before removing the manicure, mattify the top coat using a nail file or a polishing block.

Curing times
UV LED 12 W lamp – 60 sec
UV LED 24W/36 lamp – 30 sec
UV LED 24W/48 W lamp – 30 sec
Diamond UV LED 24W/48 lamp – 30 sec
Diamond UV LED 36W/54 lamp – 30 sec Expand
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Please read the directions for use carefully.
  • Avoid contact with the skin.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes.
  • Do not inhale the product directly.
  • It may cause an allergic reaction.
  • Cure under a UV/LED lamp.
  • For professional use only.


  • Any lesions in the nail plate or around it, including fungus on the nails and around them, whitlow, blastomycosis in the treatment area, periungual warts and warts under the nail plate, nail psoriasis.
  • Detachment of the nail plate (onycholysis).
  • Inflammatory or allergic conditions.
  • Nail damage, infections of the nails and around them.
  • Cuts in the treatment area.
  • Cuticle and nail plate irritation caused during a classic manicure, e.g. while cutting cuticles.
  • Hypersensitivity to any ingredient.
Acrylates Copolymer, HEMA, Silica, Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Trimethylbenzoyl Diphenylphosphine Oxide, p-Hydroxyanisole, Cl 77007, Cl 77000.
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T23 Semilac Flower Flakes UV Gel Polish Matt Top Coat 7 ml

T23 Top Flower Flakes
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