1. Hypnotic manicure in black & white trend

    Total €10.90

  2. Marbled nails in #Black&White trend

    Total €10.90

  3. UV Hybrid 5in1 in the company of a beetle!

    Total €35.70

  4. Winter version of Manitiul

    Total €41.80

  5. If the weather is moody, make yourself a colorful checked pattern on your nails!

    Total €102.70

  6. A way to beat the autumn blues? Colorful geometry in the manicure!

    Total €76.30

  7. Chequered pattern on your nails? Harlequin loves the classic colors!

    Total €29.30

  8. Red Semilac nail polish plays with Harlequin

    Total €21.80

  9. Spring fever

    Total €45.20