1. Pinguin in a perfect company

    Total €37.25

  2. Trendy manicure in a bling bling style

    Total €53.75

  3. Carnival on your nails

    Total €27.75

  4. Christmas nails are red hybrid nails!

    Total €24.00

  5. Christmas nails? Obviously in dark blue!

    Total €42.25

  6. Sea color on your nails with a hint of golden sparkle

    Total €27.75

  7. Sparkling French – a new way for sparkling nails!

    Total €14.50

  8. Dots on nails – a neon ManiDot!

    Total €35.25

  9. Cosmic manicure – put some stars on your nails!

    Total €32.25

  10. Manitiul – transparent nails are our stylishLove

    Total €13.25

  11. Dress your nails in check during autumn and winter time!

    Total €21.75

  12. French – hybrid nails with a colorful edge!

    Total €14.50

  13. If the weather is moody, make yourself a colorful checked pattern on your nails!

    Total €102.50

  14. A way to beat the autumn blues? Colorful geometry in the manicure!

    Total €58.00

  15. Delicate hybrid manicure enriched with a sophisticated pattern!

    Total €36.25

  16. Cat Eye? Semilac lightens up the night with it!

    Total €29.00

  17. Halloween nails? Hell good way to spice up your outfit!

    Total €20.50

  18. Halloween nails in a bloody good style!

    Total €50.75

  19. Halloween is getting closer so it’s time to paint your nails!

    Total €27.75

  20. Delicate manicure for work? Don’t forget about a delicate ornament!

    Total €30.00

  21. Chequered pattern on your nails? Harlequin loves the classic colors!

    Total €27.75

  22. Flowers of your nails flirting with black night

    Total €37.00

  23. Hand-painted flowers on nails – a masterpiece in a mini version

    Total €45.25

  24. Striped nails – autumn colors in the most trendy manicure!

    Total €38.50