1. Feel the spring thanks to WaterGeo Trend

    Total €21.80

  2. Spooky castle will make your Halloween manicure more stylish

    Total €38.15

  3. Metallic effect in rich, golden version!

    Total €10.90

  4. If the weather is moody, make yourself a colorful checked pattern on your nails!

    Total €102.70

  5. Halloween nails in a bloody good style!

    Total €65.40

  6. Halloween is getting closer so it’s time to paint your nails!

    Total €40.20

  7. Autumn color blocking – nails in a trendy style!

    Total €43.60

  8. Striped nails – autumn colors in the most trendy manicure!

    Total €45.20

  9. Burgundy matte hybrid nail polish – elegance spiced with autumn color blocking

    Total €56.10

  10. Pink nails with glitter it’s not enough! Bet on the color!

    Total €36.55

  11. Illuminated with kaymak sweetness

    Total €10.90

  12. Lost in the maze of taste

    Total €72.10