1. Feel the spring thanks to WaterGeo Trend

    Total €33.50

  2. Long nails in a matte-shiny duet

    Total €50.50

  3. Was it chilly? Make your nails for autumn!

    Total €21.50

  4. Christmas nails are red hybrid nails!

    Total €27.00

  5. Dress your nails in check during autumn and winter time!

    Total €26.25

  6. If the weather is moody, make yourself a colorful checked pattern on your nails!

    Total €110.25

  7. Matte hybrid nails – bet on the colors and patterns!

    Total €24.25

  8. Halloween nails? Hell good way to spice up your outfit!

    Total €23.50

  9. Gentle but edgy!

    Total €29.50