1. Fabulous manicure in the Pixie Style

    Total €59.75

  2. Long nails in #Pixie Trend

    Total €57.00

  3. Long nude nails in the Christmas version

    Total €26.50

  4. Autumn nails immersed in sweetness

    Total €58.00

  5. Say yes to the Spring Manitiul!

    Total €16.00

  6. Valentine’s nails perfect for a romantic evening

    Total €34.50

  7. Valentine’s nails – fall in love from the first sight!

    Total €41.00

  8. A way to beat the autumn blues? Colorful geometry in the manicure!

    Total €68.50

  9. Delicate hybrid manicure enriched with a sophisticated pattern!

    Total €43.75

  10. Delicate manicure for work? Don’t forget about a delicate ornament!

    Total €27.00