Do all Semilac UV gel polishes create dispersion layer after curing?
All Semilac® apart from 031 Black Diamond colour option create dispersion layer after curing (a tacky layer making it easier for products to bond). 001 Strong White colour option creates minimal dispersion layer. Minimal dispersion layer, or its lack, are caused by strong pigmentation of the above named colours.

Are Semilac polishes tested on animals?
Our cosmetics, as per EU 2003/15/WE directive, are not tested on animals.

How to maintain a LED lamp?
LED Lamps, like all electric appliances, need to be used in a proper way so they last a long time. Attention needs to be drawn to the most important maintenance aspects of a LED lamp regardless of its strength:
1. Switch power off before transporting lamp.
2. Do not allow power cable to get tangled and bent.
3. After lamp has been in low or high temperature, wait for it to return to room temperature before switching on.
4. Clean the lamp using delicate detergents, and do not wipe with acetone if UV gel cures on lamp surface.

Can Semilac UV gel polishes change shade?
UV gel polishes cure under UV light, so they are very sensitive to it. It UV gel manicure is e.g. exposed to UV light for a long time, a slight change of shade can be observed, which is a completely natural process. UV gel manicure is sensitive to detergents, colourful cosmetics, ink, paint, etc. You should be careful when in contact with such products, as it may result in discoloured streaks or unaesthetic patches.

What are the properties of SemiHardi products?
SemiHardi is a line of builder hybrid gel polishes with soft gel properties, suitable for brittle and weak nails. It can be used for nail extension and construction. Thanks to its pliability, extended nails are susceptible to mechanical damage.
SemiHardi is sensitive to temperature changes, colourful cosmetics and various detergents. In high temperature (e.g. during a hot bath or when working with gloves on) an increased pliability of the product can be observed. You should then be more careful and wait for the product to return to its original properties. Moreover, SemiHardi is thicker than the Semilac® colour UV gel polishes, which means that it can separate more easily, especially if it is unused for a long time. In such cases, it should be slowly and thoroughly stirred so it can return to its original consistency.
SemiHardi line offers the following four colour options:

  • SemiHardi® Clear – SemiHardi® Clear – clear UV gel polish with soft gel properties. Ideal for use on weak nails. It can be used to extend nails.
  • SemiHardi® Milk – milky-pink builder UV gel polish, perfect as a base to be used underneath pastel and neon colours, enhancing their saturation. Perfect consistency makes UV gel polish more pliable, which allows more control over application.
  • SemiHardi® Rosa – clear polish with pink undertone and same properties as all other products from the series. Perfect for French manicure.
  • SemiHardi® White – builder UV gel polish with an intense white colour will perfectly enhance saturation of applied layers of colour. Can also be used to create a white line in French manicure. Pliable consistency allows for easy application.

When can products be refunded?
In compliance with the law, products can only be refunded if:

  • faulty
  • out of date
  • incorrect items have been sent

Products cannot be refunded if:

  • used up
  • adverse reactions to ingredients, which are individual issues and depend on genetic and environmental factors

Does Semilac work with (or is it compatible with) other brands’products?
In order to obtain a perfect manicure, the producer recommends using the Semilac UV gel polish in combination with the brand's base and top coat, which are completely compatible with Semilac polish. We do not know the ingredients of other brands’ bases and top coats, so we cannot guarantee perfect end result and easy application when using them.

What can cause the polish to crease or peel off?
There can be several causes of such problems. It is very important to prepare the nails correctly before manicure. Nails should be buffed and excess oil removed. We recommend applying each Semilac product: base, colour and top coats, in thin layers. They should be applied carefully, being careful not to paint over cuticles. You should remember to cap the fee edge. With highly pigmented colours (Semilac 001, 003) each layer has to be very thin – it is better to apply two thin layers than one thick one. Another cause of the above mentioned problems can be incorrect storage of the product – we recommend storing it in room temperature, far from direct sunlight and UV lamps when doing a UV gel manicure.

What is the difference between Semilac Remover and acetone?
Both Semilac Remover and acetone are liquids used to remove Semilac UV gel polish. Semilac Remover differs from acetone in that it is more delicate, as it contains lanoline, which protects nails from drying out.

What colours are most suitable for french manicure?
For a classic French manicure, we recommend the following colours: 050, 051,052, 053, 002 (pink, transparent colours) and 054 (light peach, transparent). You can also try out opaque colours, such as 032 Biscuit.

What does it mean that a colour is transparent and which Semilac colours are?
Transparent colours are semi-clear colours that do not give full nail coverage. The following colours in our range are transparent: 002 Delicate French, 050 French Vanilla, 051 French Beige Milk, 052 Pink Opal, 053 French Pink Milk, 054 Pale Peach Glow, 072 Caribbean Sky, 091 Glitter Milk, 092 Shimmering White, 101 Juicy Peach.

What is STRIPER-A and how to use it?
Striper is used for removing Semilac UV gel polish. It is a great alternative to a pusher and wooden sticks, as it is very light, convenient and safe for our cuticles. Acetone or Semilac Remover soaked UV gel polish remains can be lightly pushed back with a slimmer end of the strip-a.

How many applications can a bottle of Semilac polish last?
One 7ml bottle of Semilac polish will last around 10 sets.

Can I use regular nail polish on top of a Semilac base, or does it have to be a UV gel polish?
After applying Semilac base you should use a UV gel polish, which will make the manicure more long lasting.
Producer does not guarantee results when regular polish is used.

How often should UV lamp bulbs be replaced? Should entire set of bulbs be replaced at once or can just one broken bulb be changed?
UV light bulbs have a life span of around 400 to 500 hours. If lamp is used frequently, i.e. several hours per day, it is recommended to exchange bulbs on average every 3 months. In case of sporadic usage, several times per month, it is recommended to exchange bulbs every 6-12 months.
When changing bulbs, we recommend changing the entire set at once.

How long does nail extension with SemiHardi last?
The entire extension process with Semilac Hard depends on the skills of the person carrying it out. The average extension time is around 45 minutes.

Can I collect my purchase in person?
Orders made via our online shop cannot be collected in person. They are delivered by courier to the postal address indicated at the time of ordering.

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