Applicator for delicate and even distribution of Semi Flash powder. The roughened and soft surface will guarantee an accurate application of the product and a unified, perfect metallic or mirror effect.

Elastic sponges will also work well as an eye shadow applicator.


Powders for hybrid nails – transform your manicure!

If you’d love to immerse yourself in the sea of colours and the ocean of sparkling droplets – choose the Semilac nail powders! As we offer a wide choice of them, you will surely find your favourite one that will take your nails to another dimension.  If you like violet Semilac UV Hybrid, you can easily match a nail powder with violet and pink sparkles with it. It’s always a good option and we have even more of them!


Nail powders – how to apply?

Nail powders are one of many Semilac proposals that let you create an unusual styling. Accentuate your look, express yourself and charm the others! We will take care of color and sparkles. What do you need to remember about? Precision, high quality products and… imagination! Together we’ll create real miracles on your nails!

When you have already chosen your Semilac nail powder, you need a special nail powder applicator. Semilac recommends to use a professional SemiStick that will make the application precise, easy and pleasant. The nail powder applicator will do the job for you!


Nail powder applicator – it’s good to have it at hand

If the manicure is your life, remember to use the right products. If you have already bought the most beautiful Semilac nail powders, make sure you have a right tool to apply them. Some Semilac nail powders need to be applied using a special tool. We have it in our offer – it’s SemiStick. Meet it closer! 

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