Semilac TRY ME Set 24W LED

Zestaw do hybryd Semilac TRY ME Lampa LED 24W
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A set that perfectly combines high quality and affordable price. It is the optimal choice for those seeking a time-saving solution and maintaining high technical parameters. Included in the kit the latest 24 W LED lamp, is characterized by a minimalistic and ergonomic design that allows you to place the whole palm inside.
The lamp allows for hardening of all hybrid varnishes and UV gels by Semilac.
The set contains all the elements needed to perform and remove the hybrid manicure and as many as 5 Semilac Mini bottles - each with a different color of hybrid varnish. Thanks to such a solution, at the very beginning you will gain access to a diverse range of colors and you will quickly appreciate the wide possibilities associated with it!

The Semilac starter set is a perfect gift. It's elegant, exclusive and always hit! Give him and enjoy the joy that you give to a woman close to you!

Set contains:

  • Semilac Base 7ml,
  • Semilac Mini 3ml (new colors):
    • 149 Semilac Olive Garden
    • 517 Semilac Neon Pink
    • 518 Semilac Neon Orange
    • 040 Semilac Canary Green
    • 083 Lakier hybrydowy Semilac Burgundy Wine
  •    Semilac Top 7 ml,
  •    250 lint free cotton swabs,
  •    Semilac Acetone 50 ml,
  •    Semilac Nail Cleaner 50 ml,
  •    Semilac Striper,
  •    2 wooden files,
  •    polishing block,
  •    Semilac UV LED 24 W lamp.

Manual UV LED 24W lamp


Starter set Semilac TRY ME LED 24W - perfect for you and your nails!

The Semilac starter kit is a comprehensive response to the needs of consumers who value the highest quality products. Our hybrid starter kit is all that's needed to create a sophisticated look that will stay with you for weeks. What's important - the Semilac hybrid kit is also convenient and easy to use - find out for your own nails!

A hybrid kit ?! Semilac is recommended!

The hybrid kit smiles at you, and you do not know whether to reciprocate this nice grimace? When it comes to Semilac - you can laugh and smile! Our hybrid kit is everything you need for a professionally made hybrid manicure! Easy, fast and convenient!

Hybrid Semilac starter kit is not just a hybrid nail lamp! What else will you find here? First of all, an equally important set for removing a hybrid! Semilac guarantees that with the proper procedure of use, our hybrid nails will enjoy you with unflagging light up to 21 days. One day, however, you would like to change the color - then the hybrid picking set is necessary!

Semilac hybrid manicure starter kit is high quality and affordable price. In addition to the lamp and hybrid pick-up kit, you will receive from us 5 UV Hybrid varnishes Semilac Mini, Base, Top, Semilac Nail Cleaner, Polishing Block and two Wooden Nail Files.

When you buy the Semilac kit, you gain:

  •   a complete set to create a hybrid stylization
  •   the only hybrid varnishes tested dermatologically on the market
  •   a guarantee of beautiful and shiny nails up to 21 days
  •   24 months warranty for a lamp to perform a manicure
  •   30 days to return the set - if you change your mind

Do you value the highest quality products? Choose Semilac!

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Semilac TRY ME Set 24W LED

Zestaw do hybryd Semilac TRY ME Lampa LED 24W
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