Semilac Natural tips 120 pcs

Tipsy naturalne Semilac 120 szt.

High quality tips made of ABS, perfect for extending the natural nail plate.

Semilac tips have a classic shape and are produced in a milky color, close to the natural color of the nail plate.

Specially profiled tips are characterized by a flexible structure and large pocket that guarantees a convenient application of the glue so, in consequence, the durability of manicure.

The packaging contains 120 pieces of high quality tips – you will easily find those that match perfectly the type and size of your nails! Our offer includes also a professional glue for tips.

Profiled tips will work perfectly in gel nail styling.

You will fall in love with simple and quick application of the product! You should just prepare the nail plate, then apply the glue in the place of the tip’s pocket and stick it directly to the natural nail.


Step 1 – tips sticking

  • Apply Semilac nail tips glue on the pocket of the tip (it is recommended to use glue with a brush as it facilitates the work and prevents from getting your fingers dirty)
  • Stick the tip to the nail upwards by pressing it for about 10 seconds – take care of not making any air bubbles

Step 2 – tips trimming and filing

  • Using a guillotine, shorten the tips to the desired length leaving 2-3 mm of reserve
  • File the entire tip so the pocket is equal to the nail plate
  • Shape the nails to the desired form and length

Step 3 – applying the first layer of gel

  • Before applying the first layer of gel, use Semilac Nail Cleaner to remove the dirt from filing the nails

Continue as normal gel manicure.

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Semilac Natural tips 120 pcs

Tipsy naturalne Semilac 120 szt.
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