Semilac Manicure Oil Lemon 7ml

Semilac Manicure Oil Lemon 7ml

Nail oil Semilac Manicure Oil Lemon

If you care about the perfect hydration of the skin and nail area - you've come to the right place! Our Semilac Manicure Oil Lemon nail polish is a comprehensive moisturizer that will provide a healthy and well-groomed look to your hands!

You want to take care of the effective appearance of your nails - do not limit yourself to the color! Semilac hybrid lacquer is an eye-catching stylization. The second thing - equally important - is proper care for the skin and nail area!

Oily for nails and cuticles Semilac Manicure Oli is the best solution. Our satisfied customers and the Prix de Beaute 2017 jury know that! Nail oil Semilac received from them a crystal diamond statuette in the Cosmopolitan magazine competition for the best cosmetic of 2016!


Oil for nails - application

Do you have dried skin? The olive oil enters the game! The use of this product will guarantee you a comprehensive hydration of the skin and nail area, will affect the beautiful and well-groomed look of your hands, and will also pamper you with a wonderful fragrance. What more could you want? J

Nail oil Semilac Manicure Oil Lemon

Nail oil Semilac Manicure Oil Lemon is a proposal for fans of more sour proposals. Our offer includes 4 olives for nails with various scents - peach, coconut, pineapple and lemon. If you prefer to break the sweetness with a lemon - you know which olive oil should fall into your basket!

If you decide to buy it, your skin and nail area will never be overdressed! The Semilac nail polish can accompany you in the office and home. Her application is fast and pleasant. Apply as often as needed. In the end, you have to earn a beautiful look for your hand! J

Oil for nails - what for? For comprehensive care!

Do you think: olive oil? For what? We are already answering - for comprehensive care! Imagine that you give up applying a moisturizing cream on your face or after a bath you do not use body balm. Dry? And how! Your hands, skins and nails also deserve proper care!

  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Not tobe used on irritated and damaged skin or nail plate.
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Semilac Manicure Oil Lemon 7ml

Semilac Manicure Oil Lemon 7ml
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