Semilac Manicure Oil Coconut 7ml

Semilac Manicure Oil Coconut

Nail oil Semilac Manicure Oil Coconut

A beautiful manicure completes a successful stylization. If you want to delight in your appearance, do not forget about care. Also, cuticles and nail area! To do this, reach for the nails and nails of Semilac.

This is a comprehensive proposal that will properly take care of your skins and nails. Thanks to the proper moisturizing of these areas you will provide yourself a well-groomed look of your hand. This is the basis on which you can create an eye-catching manicure.

Our clients and the jury of the prestigious Cosmopolitan Prix de Beaute 2017 competition can not be wrong - the oils for nails and cuticles from Semilac are the cosmetics of 2016! Get to know them better and take care of the healthy look of your hand!

Apply to nails and cuticles, massage until absorbed. Expand

Hybrid nail oil - for comprehensive hand care

Semilac is a comprehensive offer for all those who love to emphasize the beauty of a proper manicure. We have the products necessary to take care of your hands and stylize your nails. The Semilac portfolio includes, among others, hybrid nail oil. Get to know her closer!

Care oil for nails and cuticles Semilac Manicure Oil Coconut

We present a product for comprehensive care of cuticles and nail areas, which enjoys great interest. We are pleased to announce that our Semilac nails and cuticles have been awarded the Oscar in the cosmetics category! We received the crystal diamond statuette for the cosmetic of 2016, during the Gala of Cosmopolitan Prix de Beaute 2017!

You know that when it comes to important things - there is no need to take our word for it. Find out more about our unique Semilac cuticle and nail polishes to find out for yourself!

Oil for nails - how to use?

A nail oil appeared on your bedside table. How to use this product? Do you know when it is best to use it? If not - we suggest ... Always when you feel like it! Regular care of cuticles and nails is a guarantee of a well-groomed look of your hands. You see - it's worth it!

  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Not tobe used on irritated and damaged skin or nail plate.
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Semilac Manicure Oil Coconut 7ml

Semilac Manicure Oil Coconut
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