Semilac Lovely Letter Set

Semilac Zestaw Prezentowy Lovely Letter
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At Semilac, we know how important it is to value the exceptional women that surround us. The limited Semilac Lovely Letter set is the perfect idea for a gift that will be remembered for a long time. You can give it on any occasion or without occasion – to your loved ones or to yourself.

This set includes 3 UV gel polishes, a pen and stationery that you can use to write a nice note to the gift recipient. With a handwritten letter, this set is definitely a real gift from the bottom of your heart!

Let’s do it! Grab the pen and write what you are grateful for!
Isn’t it better than a chat message or an SMS? 😉

The set includes:

  • 391 Raspberry Charm 7 ml UV gel polish – a bold shade loved by all enthusiasts of any pink.
  • 375 Shimmer Stone Agate 7 ml UV gel polish – a warm, purplish grey with subtly opalescent golden particles.
  • 543 Bon Voyage 7 ml UV gel polish – an intense, mandarin shade.
  • Pen,
  • Envelope with stationery.
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Semilac Lovely Letter Set

Semilac Zestaw Prezentowy Lovely Letter
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