Semilac Flash Neon Effect Yellow 676

Semilac Flash Neon Effect Yellow 676
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Semilac Flash Neon Effect Yellow 676 — a bright yellow colour will be best to inform your surroundings about the power of your energy. In this clear way you will let others know with your manicure they should beware! ATTENTION! If you do not feel like some fancy — you had better avoid my eyes! And the colourful nail — I may scratch you!


Semilac Flash Neon Effect Yellow 676

Semilac powders — strong shine in your manicure

In Semilac, we are trying to meet the expectations of all women who love to live with colour! Our offer includes both many delicate hybrid nail colours and strong effects! Semilac presents neon nail powders being a great balance for the classical Semilac Business Line collection.

Semilac Flash Neon Effect Yellow 676 powder — the attack of yellow!

New Semilac nail powder line consists of 6 unique, aggressive neon colours which will jump on your nails boldly. If you like to shine and be visible from afar, you will surely find your favourite colour here! Semilac Flash Neon Effect powders include, among other things, a yellow hue, being a perfect spice for any styling thanks to its hot image!

Choose it when you feel like getting some optimism encapsulated in colour. This neon yellow nail powder looks great with deep black. It may be a distinct element of your manicure or be used as a decoration. Easy application guarantees simplicity of making an elaborate pattern!

Hybrid nail powder — reach for a neon option!

Semilac hybrid nails powder is a way to create an elaborate styling to distinguish yourself. If you wish to stress your looks boldly — reach for neons! Hybrid nails powder in this bright colour will surely add some spice to your looks!

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not use in a manner inconsistent with the intended use.
  • Do not apply directly to the nail plate.
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Semilac Flash Neon Effect Yellow 676

Semilac Flash Neon Effect Yellow 676
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