Semilac Flash Neon Effect Violet 679

Semilac Flash Neon Effect Violet 679
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Semilac Flash Neon Effect Violet 679 — powerful violet attacking! This proposal from the Semilac Flash Neon Effect nail powder collectionis dedicated to the fans of bright colours in a feminine style. Our neon violet is definitely one of them! You may combine it with pink and deep black.


Semilac Flash Neon Effect Violet 679

Violet nail powder — a strong impact of a feminine hue!

Violet nail powder is a proposal of Semilac, which is included in the  new Semilac Flash Neon Effect product line! Violet 679 is a highly feminine colour strengthened with a neon form now. This helped us to uncover its whole power and charming contrariness. Check if this goes with your nature J

Semilac Flash Neon Effect powders — product overview

Are you thinking how the new Semilac hybrid nail powders look like? We hurry to answer. Semilac Flash Neon Effect Orange 675Semilac Flash Neon Effect Yellow 676Semilac Flash Neon Effect Red 677Semilac Flash Neon Effect Intense Red 678Semilac Flash Neon Effect Violet 679 , Semilac Flash Neon Effect Blue 680 are the products offering wonderful, juicy neon colour.

Semilac Flash Neon Effect powder colours are the protagonists here. They will win the hearts of brave ladies who like to express their power also by their manicure. Does it refer to you? Check the latest Semilac powder offer and find your favourite one!

Semilac powders — are they worth it?

The answer is simple — yes, they are! Semilac powders are just one type of many products in our portfolio, characterized by the top quality and really deep hue. What is more, they possess all certificates and guarantee durability of a wonderful manicure (provided you follow the recommended application procedure). If you are looking for the best one, choose Semilac hybrid nails powders!

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not use in a manner inconsistent with the intended use.
  • Do not apply directly to the nail plate.
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Semilac Flash Neon Effect Violet 679

Semilac Flash Neon Effect Violet 679
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