Semilac Flash Neon Effect Red 677

Semilac Flash Neon Effect Red 677
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Semilac Flash Neon Effect Red 677 — red encapsulates the dynamic nature, feminine power, strong emotions, but also stresses the wish to dominate and the ruling privilege. Is that what you want to show with your manicure? Choose the brightest red version — with a tint of neon!


Semilac Flash Neon Effect Red 677

Semilac powders — neon colours joining the existing offer

Do you love Semilac powders? Neons should win your interest! Why? As this is a brand-new proposal to emphasize your styling. And will do it in a powerful way! Shine forth with our neon powders and be visible like a neon! You may combine them in a wonderful way with hybrid Semilac nail polishes!

Semilac Flash Neon Effect Red 677 powder — a bold version of red

Semilac sets the trends. We have known for a long time this season belongs to red. Classical, blood-red, more subdued or... neon red! If what you love most is the latter, Semilac Flash Neon Effect Red 677 powder is dedicated exactly to you! Fall in love with the brightness of that colour — this is an absolute must have!

Red Semilac nail powder guarantees a wonderful styling bound to stay in your memories for a long time. And on your nails! Semilac powder may be used to stress, e.g. to add colour to your manicure based on black hybrid Semilac Black Diamond 031 nail polish. Or perhaps would you like to apply just ornaments? This is up to you. This will be beautiful anyway!

Hybrid nail powders — neon ones from now on

Who said autumn cannot bring juicy neon bright colours? Just to spite the grey and foul weather, we offer Semilac Flash Neon Effect hybrid nails powders! Use them to light up your styling and enrich your life with dynamic colours!

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not use in a manner inconsistent with the intended use.
  • Do not apply directly to the nail plate.
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Semilac Flash Neon Effect Red 677

Semilac Flash Neon Effect Red 677
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