Semilac Flash Neon Effect Intense Red 678

Semilac Flash Neon Effect Intense Red 678
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Semilac Flash Neon Effect Intense Red 678 — red has many faces. This is why creating the latest line of Semilac Flash Neon Effect nail powders we decided not to limit ourselves just to one. This time we offer a strong, distinct and utterly intense red in a neon coat!


Semilac Flash Neon Effect Intense Red 678

Hybrid nail powders — to enrich your styling with decorations!

Semilac hybrid nail polishes guarantee the top quality product which will stay with you for up to 21 days given you follow the recommended application procedure! With no chips, scratches and lost shine! Too little? Then enrich your styling! We recommend Semilac Flash Neon hybrid nails powders!

Nail powders — how to apply?

A hot topic? Obviously, nail powders! How to apply the product to ensure the end result surprises and pleases not only yourself but also other people accompanying you? What matters is precision! That is most important when you think how to apply Semilac Flash Neon Effect nail powders.

What else should you keep in mind? First and foremost, the appropriate application procedure. Semilac Flash Neon Effect hybrid nails powders are applied on a dispersion layer. Or more precisely, we sprinkle our nail with the powder and then pat the product gently. Then we apply the Semilac Top and cure it in a lamp. To ensure a better result, we recommend repeating that.

Semilac powder — let yourself be dazzled with neon!

Semilac powder is a broad field. Our extensive offer includes many hybrid nails powders, thanks to which you can take your manicure to another dimension. Now, we would like to encourage you to get acquainted with the latest Semilac Flash Neon Effect nail powder line. This is a distinct shine in a bright colour which is difficult to neglect!

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not use in a manner inconsistent with the intended use.
  • Do not apply directly to the nail plate.
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Semilac Flash Neon Effect Intense Red 678

Semilac Flash Neon Effect Intense Red 678
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