Semilac by Maxineczka – Purple Mania

Semilac by Maxineczka – Purple Mania
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Semilac by influencers are three unique, limited collections of hybrid polish.
Created by talented girls who have gained their popularity on the Internet and have been associated with our brand for a long time.
Karolina Gołębiewska - author of the vlog. Stylizacje, Joanna Ferdynus-Gołuszko, known in the network as Maxineczka and singer Honorata Skarbek.
To One, for all lovers of beautiful nails, they chose colors and combined them into limited, original collections. Honorata, Karolina and Joanna not only personally chose colors for their collections, but also invented names - each varnish and the whole set. The girls also participated in the packaging design process.
In each of them you will find a letter with a dedication from our Influencerek.

A thin layer of the Semilac® Color apply on the cured Semilac® Base layer, and then cure under UV lamp. Do not apply directly on the nail plate. You can repeat application Semilac® Color to achieve a satisfactory result. Finish styling applying and curing the Semilac® Top. Expand

COLLECTION: Purple Mania

501 Amazing Amethyst - a clearly shiny, fuchsia speck cast in an elegant combination of dark magenta and violet. Color coverage: semi-transparent.
502 Peculiar Plum - a deep shade of dark pink with a clearly heather tone. Color coverage - full.
503 Diamond Dust - a strongly shiny, diamond speck on the background of a subtle, transparent white. Color coverage: semi-transparent.
504 Magenta Mood - a very elegant, deep shade of melange saturated with fuchsia and violet. Color coverage - full.
505 Audacious Orchid - classic, deep purple with a lot of tiny particles in red and delicate pink. Color coverage - full.


  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Do not use if sensitive to any of the ingredients
  • Do not use if you have damaged nails or any nail diseases
  • If any adverse reactions or sensitivity occur, e.g., burning sensation, itching, redness, etc., discontinue use immediately
  • Do not use after expiry date (expiry date and serial number and product batch number can be found next to the barcode)
  • Avoid direct sunlight or extreme UV light exposure
  • Only use on healthy nails


  • Nail and cuticle conditions, such as: fungal infections, e.g. onychomycosis, paronychia, local candidiasis, warts around or underneath the nails, nail psoriasis,
  • Loosening of the nail plate from the nail bed (onycholysis)
  • Inflammation and allergic reaction
  • Nail injuries, infection of the nail and the surrounding area
  • Open cuts local to treatment area
  • Cuticle and nail inflammation caused during a classic manicure, e.g. during cuticle trimming
  • Sensitivity to any of the ingredients

For professional use

  • Semilac® Gel polish are designed for professional use by certified nail technicians only. Therefore, it should only be used for professional application.
  • To achieve a fully pleasing and safe manicure, recommended product training should be completed.

Do użytku profesjonalnego

Lakiery hybrydowe Semilac® przeznaczone są wyłącznie do użytku profesjonalnego przez certyfikowanych stylistów paznokci. Dlatego powinny być wykorzystywane tylko w zabiegach profesjonalnych. By wykonać w pełni satysfakcjonujący i bezpieczny manicure, należy ukończyć rekomendowane dla danego produktu szkolenie.

Ingredients: Urethane Acrylate Oligomer, HEMA, Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Bis-Trimethylbenzoyl Phenylphosphine Oxide, (+/-) CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 77510, CI 77289, CI 77492, CI 77266, CI 77742, CI 77499, CI 77019, CI 77861
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Semilac by Maxineczka – Purple Mania

Semilac by Maxineczka – Purple Mania
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