Fall Nail Trends

Be trendy with Semilac

Kolor roku 2018

Autumn nails


Fall governs with her own rules!

She serves us both saturated colors of falling leaves and more subdued suggestions. She also decorates nails in Fall in 3D trend that encloses the red of rowan berries or colors of leaves dancing in the wind!

Kolor roku 2018

Nails for Fall


In autumn we propose a completely new version of ombre

We mix fashionable ethno colors with timeless classic, smooth finish with convex forms, we paint ombre on the half of the nail (vertically, horizontally or even diagonally) leaving the rest without color. It’s a strong contrast that will stimulate better than espresso!

Kolor roku 2018

Kolor roku 2018
Kolor roku 2018

Autumn 2018 - nails


This trend opposes to autumn grey with boldness and sophistication.

We combine there clear colors – bold navy blue, vibrating orange and feminine pink! All these hot colors bringing to mind South America will be closed in ethnic patterns and paintings that will allow us to forget about the aura outside the window.

Kolor roku 2018