N03 Semilac nail art brush Oval 

N03 Semilac Oval

The Oval nail art brush is an oval, flat nail art brush, made from well-shaped synthetic fibres. It is intended for applying larger amounts of products, filling out bigger embellishments, shading and creating complicated floral and structural patterns. It is perfect for UV gel polishes and thicker products. An easy-to-use cap protects the fibres from damage and makes it easy to store the brush. It has the highest quality synthetic fibres which keep their structure during use.


FIBRE TYPE: flat, oval

INTENDED USE: for filling out larger embellishments, shading, creating floral ornaments, structural patterns

PRODUCT TYPE: UV gel polishes, thicker products

TARGET GROUP: professionals


Comparison of nail art brushes


Before first use:

Before the first use, remove the glue which keeps the brush factory sealed using a cotton pad soaked in a nail cleaner.


Clean the brush when you are done by wiping the fibres with a dry cotton pad to remove lingering product residue, shape the fibres into an even form. This protects the fibres from damage or bending. Put the cap back on at the end.

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N03 Semilac nail art brush Oval 

N03 Semilac Oval
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