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Hybrid Definition

What is UV Hybrid
(gel polish)?

Hybrid manicure is an excellent solution for women who value time-saving and elegant look.

This is one of the most popular types of manicure chosen by women. Hybrid nail polish, used in this innovative method of nail stylization, combines the advantages of classic varnishes, but also elastic gel varnishes. Their application is very simple, and the thin layers of varnish, making the manicure look natural, and at the same time it is very durable and resistant to damage and splinters. Nails thanks to the hybrid manicure gain a beautiful shine. That shine lasts up to 3 weeks, which is impossible to achieve with the classic styling method.

Hybrid manicure - for whom?

For whose who
want to save their time

For whose who
value comfort and convenience for the most

For whose who
like the perfect look

For whose who
like to be trendy

For whose who
like proven solutions

Hybrid Manicure

Advantages of Hybrid Manicure:

  • Up to 21 days of durability
  • Wide range of colors
  • A beautiful gloss
  • Resistance to mechanical damage
  • Possibility of creating unique stylizations

Why Semilac UV Hybrids?

The ideal consistency
of the product

Polish producer
= high quality

Products dermatologically

Products with safety approvals
and certificates

Professional distribution

Sales in
over 30 countries


How to apply gel polish manicure correctly?


How to remove gel polish manicure correctly?

Placing Orders

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