522 SemiBeats Light Aquamarine 7 ml

522 Lakier hybrydowy UV Hybrid Semilac SemiBeats by Margaret Light Aquamarine 7ml
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Spring rain, fast cycling, listening to your favorite music with friends, unfettered climate, evening, partying madness ... Sounds good? Aquamarine comes in! Not only that - he will be happy to pick up the rest of the colors from the Semilac Beats by Margaret package! ;)

Characteristics: An intense shade of mint with a clear hint of green in the background.

A thin layer of the Semilac® Color apply on the cured Semilac® Base layer, and then cure under UV lamp. Do not apply directly on the nail plate. You can repeat application Semilac® Color to achieve a satisfactory result. Finish styling applying and curing the Semilac® Top. Expand
Curing times
UV LED 12 W lamp – 60 sec
UV LED 24W/36 lamp – 30 sec
UV LED 24W/48 W lamp – 30 sec
Diamond UV LED 24W/48 lamp – 30 sec
Diamond UV LED 36W/54 lamp – 30 sec Expand

Mint nail polish from Margaret - will you feel mint for it? 

Mint nail polish tempts by the freshness of color and submergence in a sea of optimism! Not for nothing is the flagship color of dreamers and fans of non-schematic actions. And you - will you feel mint for it ?? If so - you will shine in a stellar style!

Mint nails? Margaret definitely recommends <3

If you like mint nails, you'll love the latest proposal from Margaret. Color 522 Light Aquamarine from her Semilac collection, SemiBeats is the mint's juiciness closed in the world of color. The perfect option for spring and summer days, enriched with pleasures and sincere laughter!

Semilac 522 captivates with the uniqueness of the color and the perfect fit into the currently matching trends. If your nails could reign on the catwalk - give them a little pleasure in the form of this Semilac hybrid nail polish <3

Hybrid lacquers Semilac - Margaret knows what's good!

The highest quality of Semilac products is appreciated every day by our loyal fans! Not only that, we also have a stellar team of supporters - for some time Margaret has been there! Semilac is pleased that the new ambassador has so perfectly inscribed in our colorful world. We invite you to get to know it better, thanks to the new SemiBeats collection!

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Please read the directions for use carefully.
  • Avoid contact with the skin.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes.
  • Do not inhale the product directly.
  • It may cause an allergic reaction.
  • Cure under a UV/LED lamp. 
  • For professional use only.


  • Any lesions in the nail plate or around it, including fungus on the nails and around them, whitlow, blastomycosis in the treatment area, periungual warts and warts under the nail plate, nail psoriasis.
  • Detachment of the nail plate (onycholysis). 
  • Inflammatory or allergic conditions.
  • Nail damage, infections of the nails and around them. 
  • Cuts in the treatment area.
  • Cuticle and nail plate irritation caused during a classic manicure, e.g. while cutting cuticles.
  • Hypersensitivity to any ingredient.
Di-HEMA Trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate, HEMA, Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Bis-Trimethylbenzoyl Phenylphosphine Oxide, p-Hydroxyanisole, (+/-) CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77510, CI 77289, , CI 77266, CI 77742, CI 15850.
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522 Gel polish Semilac SemiBeats Light Aquamarine 7ml

522 Lakier hybrydowy UV Hybrid Semilac SemiBeats by Margaret Light Aquamarine 7ml
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