206 Gel polish Semilac Business Line Classic Grey 7ml

206 UV Hybrid Semilac Business Line Classic Grey 7ml
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Semilac Business Line Classic Gray 206 - a wardrobe filled with elegant things in a minimalist style? For matching suits and spectacular pencil skirts you have well-fitting heels that you pull out when getting ready for an important meeting? Semilac Business Line Classic Gray 206 is an inseparable element of your business style! It's a classic that never goes out of fashion!


Gray hybrid nails - for those who value the classics of elegance!

Gray hybrid nails are a proven solution for those who value classic elegance. This is especially true in formal circumstances - that is, at work, in particular. If your business look is to be seasoned with an appropriate manicure - gray hybrid nails will definitely be the right option!

Gray nails Semilac Business Line Classic Gray 206

Semilac gray nails match the pace of your day. They will be ready in the morning to quickly get to work with you, where their toning, delicacy and gloss will be appreciated. How will it be later? As well! After work, they will perfectly fit into the colors of autumn, and in the evening - they will enter into a promising flirt with slightly predatory jewelry, which you will turn up your party style!

Gray nails from the Semilac Business Line collection are the right manicure every day. You can choose one of the three classic shades of gray and feel in them, as befits a business woman. So sensational! We are currently offering gray in the medium version! Season it with the elegance of your wardrobe and have a spectacular entrance to work in your pocket!

Semilac hybrid lacquers - when you value professionalism!

Hybrid lacquers Semilac is a leader who for years has enjoyed the confidence of women in Poland and nearly 30 other places in the world! We are valued for the highest quality of products and a rich palette of colors that can be adapted to any circumstances. We currently recommend the latest collection Semilac Business Line, which we created for women of success. So also you!

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206 Gel polish Semilac Business Line Classic Grey 7ml

206 UV Hybrid Semilac Business Line Classic Grey 7ml
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