04 Semilac Xmas theme 3D Nails Stickers

04 Semilac Xmas theme 3D Nails Stickers

Semilac Stickers are an easy way to create a winter manicure. Thanks to the 3D effect, the applied pattern gains dimensionality and depth even under top coat. Fun, festive designs will get the whole family’s attention at the Christmas table. Create a tongue-in-cheek manicure or host an at-home manicure salon; the Stickers will look great on classic polishes – give your daughter or younger sister a few days of Christmas frenzy 😊



Water stickers are a great way to spice up your manicure, and they are also very easy to use. The stickers are extremely thin and very detailed, but do not tear on application.

1. Precisely cut out the design of your choice.
2. Put the design for a while (about 5-10 seconds) on a cotton swab well moistened with water or dip the sticker in water (5-10 seconds) and then remove the excess water with a cotton swab.
3. Carefully slide the design off the paper, for example with a wooden stick, and apply to the dry/hardened polish on the chosen side of the sticker.
4. Press down and smooth the pattern, removing any excess air or water.
5. Secure the design with top coat.
The stickers can be applied over classic nail polish, hybrid, gel and acrylic gel.


  • Do not apply directly on to the nail plate.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
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04 Semilac Xmas theme 3D Nails Stickers

04 Semilac Xmas theme 3D Nails Stickers
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